The Organic Mega Juicer


For some time now we have been asked if we would do a Juicing Box, with prices of the over the counter juices getting higher and higher, and the desire to know exactly what you to are putting in your body a higher priority, now is the perfect time to launch this new “handpicked” variety of organic fresh produce.

Whether you just want to do a few different juices a week, or you want to have a good variety of produce to make many juices over a week or fortnight, we will have you covered.

The Mega Juicer will contain at least 14 different items, and may look a bit like this list:

2kg Organic Bananas
1kg Organic Carrots
1.5kg Organic Pink Lady Apples
1kg Organic Oranges
1 Organic Pineapple


2 Organic Avocadoes
3 Organic Lemons
3 Organic Limes
1/2kg Organic Gourmet Tomatoes
50gm Organic Ginger
200gm Organic Baby Spinach Leaves
1/2 kg Organic Lebanese Cucumbers
1 bunch Organic Curly Kale
1 bunch Organic Celery
1 bunch Organic Beetroot
1 bunch Organic Mint

We are happy to remove anything you don’t want, just leave a note at the Checkout, and of course, if there is anything you really would like, add that info at the Checkout too.

Our Juicing Boxes are designed to compliment your existing Fruit & Veg Box orders, so you can now devote all that fruit and veg for “eating”, and you’ll have your own produce for the Juices.

As we buy in bulk, we get better pricing which is passed on to our customers, so when we can, you’ll find more items than listed in the examples above in your Juice Boxes.

There will be quite a variety of produce, these may change slightly each week, depending on what is currently in season, but most importantly it must be the highest quality and best value for money.


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