The STIR FRY BOX – Organic Vegetables


We are often asked for a box of just greens, or a box suitable for stir frying.  So we have been able to align the seasonal veg we have available at the moment, and are able to announce the arrival of a new addition to the Ample Organic Vegetable Boxes.

The Stir Fry box will be a curated box of season veg, suitable for a wide variety of stir fry meals.  Produce will be rotated, as items go in and out of season – so we’ll try and mix them up each week so you get something a bit different.

Produce that we hope to include (as available) …
Kale * Bok Choy * Continental Beans * Wombok * Carrots * Coriander * Spring Onions * Capsicum * Zucchini * Broccoli * Garlic * Cauliflower * Ginger * Chinese Broccoli *

Optional extra (if requested in comments section at checkout) Lemongrass and Fennel


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