Organic Fruit Snack Packs (add on to Box order)

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Do you every need to find healthy snacks for lunchboxes, because all your fruit seems to have been eaten, or it’s just not suitable for little people this week.

Little hands just need the right size fruit.

We’ve spoken to parents who find this problem happens often,, and then they have to rush out and grab some extra fruit for lunchboxes, only to find nothing is organic, or the fruit is already looking older than any fruit they get in their regular Ample box.

So we have a new add-on product,

The Organic Fruit Snack Pack!

You will get 5 x Organic Pink Lady Apples (small) – 5 x Organic Pears (small) – 5 x Organic Mandarines (small) and as a bonus, a 50gm pack of Organic Banana Coins (dried but bendable and nothing but banana, no nasties/chemicals/pesticides/sugar coating/unkown numbers etc).

Available to add on to any regular Ample Foodstore Organic Fresh Produce Box.


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