This world is crazy right now.  I wanted you to have a surprise and a smile.  I also wanted to help a family business that is close to my heart, and their products bring smiles to faces every day.  But not so many people will be getting smiles as shops (their customers) are shutting down.

So I’d like to offer you the chance of a smile you weren’t expecting, and who knows, you may like to pass on this item, to bring a smile to someone else.

The cost of the smile is $10, and of that I’m taking $2 and giving to the local CFA , because, well I don’t think I need to explain why …. true heroes!!!

So if you are ordering anything from Ample Foodstore that can be delivered or collected from us in Silvan, you can add a surprise smile to your order.

100% Fat Free, 100% Sugar Free, 100% Gluten Free, in fact its 100% not edible!

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