Organic Onion Powder – 50gm


Our organic onion powder is a great way to add onion flavours into your food. It gives you all the taste of fresh organic onion without the tears. Also organic onion powder works very well added into a bread mix to give a savoury bread and is a great way to get the taste of onions without the texture for fussy eaters, particularly of the child variety! Onions have an extremely wide use and are found in many savoury dishes, complementing tomatoes and potatoes really well, while meats like beef, chicken, lamb and pork love the flavours of onions. Onion powder adds flavour as well as reducing the richness from the fats and oils in the meats.

This organic onion powder contains no additives so may cake up, but will break up easily with a fork.

Organic farming uses no pesticides or artificial fertilisers and works with nature to build the fertility and health of our soil while caring for our environment. Organic farming has a low carbon footprint. Pure and simple, just the way nature intended.


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