Organic Mushroom Sampler Box – 1kg


We are now offering a sampler box.  You can try the many different mushrooms I’ve been able to procure in one box, I hope there will be about 4 or 5 different varieties.  And going forward, after I hear back what your favourites are, I will order the top 3 popular ones each week, and you can order in smaller quantities.

So here is a selection of the mushrooms I am ordering in bulk from local grower who sells wholesale to the top restaurants in Melbourne, they have won many awards, so I’m really excited to be working with them.

The only difference in ordering, I have to have orders in to them no later than 9.45am Tuesday morning, which means I need your order in by 9.30am LATEST, unfortunately they aren’t as flexible in their ordering as I am, so please know I can’t budge on this time.

When ordered with a Fruit & Veg box – Ample customer special only.


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