Organic Maca Powder


This amazing powder, newly crowned as a Superfood, comes from the adaptogenic root that is recognised for its ability to increase energy (this writer can certainly vouch for that!), reduce stress and even boost libido.

It has a mild scent like butterscotch.  Blended with a fruit smoothie for breakfast, I find 2 teaspoons keeps my energy levels up for a busy day on the farm and in the office.

Many use Maca for medicinal purposes such as anemia, chronic fatigue, enhancing stamina, athletic performance and memory.

It is also considered to be an “adaptogen”, a name given to certain herbs, plants and natural substances, that help the body naturally adapt to stressors like a busy schedule, demanding job or illness.

Maca has alot of nutritional benefits, including fiber, calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals – amino acids, B1, B2, B, C, D, E, potassium, iron, magnesium, copper, selenium, phosphorous and more calcium than milk!!!!

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