Organic Lemon Myrtle Seasoning – 50gms


Organic Lemon Myrtle is a Bushfood that has been utilised as both a cooking ingredient and a medicinal plant, for thousands of years by Indigenous Australians. This dried Organic Lemon Myrtle leaf is a free-flowing herb that can be used as a substitute for lemon, lime or lemongrass. Grown in the subtropical region of Northern NSW, the crushed leaves have a strong “lemon” aroma and impart a deep lemon/lime flavour that is wonderfully refreshing in hot or cold drinks and can be used in sweet or savoury recipes

How to Use:

Organic Dried Lemon Myrtle leaf is widely used in an array of sweet and savoury foods and beverages and is known for its deep lemon flavour and scent. The concentrated tangy citrus flavour of dried Organic Lemon Myrtle is fabulous infused in tea – served hot or iced. Combine with your favourite herbal teas – try with spearmint leaf as a refreshing blend or it is delicious even on it’s own.

Add a zesty lemon tang to any salad dressing, curry, stir fry or soup. Combine dried Organic Lemon Myrtle with seeds and spices for a delicious dipping mix served with olive oil and crusty bread, a marinade or dry rub for meats or fish, or a topping over salads and steamed veggies. Organic Lemon Myrtle is also an excellent addition to homemade cordials. Sprinkle a little Organic Lemon Myrtle over fresh seafood before cooking, or try with whole baked fish, bbq scallops or steamed mussels. Organic Lemon Myrtle can also be used with dairy to impart a citrus flavour, without the risk of curdling from the citric acid in lemons or limes. Fantastic in fresh bread and baked goods, try adding just a teaspoon of Organic Lemon Myrtle to your next batch of cookies or shortbread, or to muesli and raw food bars.


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