Organic Crispy Quinoa Puffs


The official description is ……Quinoa is a now known as a high protein superfood superstar but has been grown in the Andes for some 4000 years, prized for it’s nutritional value.

High pressure puffed grain is created by placing whole grains under high pressure with steam in a containment vessel. The steam then bloats the endosperm of the kernel, increasing its volume to many times its original size. The value of the grain is preserved, creating a nutrient-rich superfood usable in many applications.

My description is ……  Imagine our Australian Grown Quinoa Seeds, blown up and now they are like a tiny crispy rice bubble.

You can use them in so many ways …. add to cereal, energy balls, muesli bars, slices, add to melted couverture chocolate (throw in some dried fruits and nuts too) … anything that you think a little extra crunch would be great.

These crispy little morsels are very light, so you will get a lot more than you expect in a bag.

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125gm, 1kg, 250g, 500g


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