Organic Baker’s Unbleached Flour


Certified Organic Unbleached Flour has been milled to specification under N.A.S.A.A. certification.

It is a traditional Bakers flour with balanced characteristics that have been tailored to provide doughs that are capable of successfully meeting a wide range of Baking requirements.

Doughs produced are of good water absorption and balanced; being strong, extensible, and tolerant. Wallaby flour is used universally in the bakehouse and patisserie for yeast raised products such as standard white bread, bread rolls, hearth and flat breads, pizza, and specialist products such as bagels, yeast donuts, yeast buns and croissants.

It is also especially suited to pasta, most pastries, and used for most heavy fruit cakes, cream puffs, and in fact for any product which requires a well balanced and tolerant dough.

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1kg, 500g


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