Gluten Free Saf-Instant Natural Dry Yeast 125gm


This instant dry yeast is an easy to use product, relied on by bakers all over the world for it’s quality and reliability.  Made In France.

Absorbed rapidly, it does not need to be hydrated before mixing, and has a fermentation power 30-40 times greater than active dry yeast.

Weighing 3-4 times less than compressed yeast and shelf stable, it is incredibly useful for bread-making in conditions that are not suited to other yeast options.

Use in Gluten Free bread-making, with pizzas, rolls and more.

HOW TO USE:  This yeast can be added directly to the mixer by mixing it dry with the flour or by sprinkling it on top of the dough when mixing begins.

To bake bread in an oven, use half a teaspoon of this yeast per 1 cup of flour.

To bake bread in an automatic bread machine on the quick cycle, use three quarters of a teaspoon of this yeast per 1 cup of flour.  Adjust amount used to your taste.

If converting a recipe from active dry yeast to instant, you should use about 75-80% of the yeast called for in the recipe.

STORAGE:  In the unopened package, SAF Instant Yeast has a shelf life of two years at room temperature.  Yeast is damaged by water and moisture, so it is recommended once opened, you keep your yeast in an air tight jar (make sure the jar is completely dry first).  You can store in the fridge if using frequently, otherwise store in the freezer and take out as needed.


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