Global Organics – Organic Tomato Paste


Global Organics Tomato Paste is a rich paste of organically grown Italian tomatoes, perfect for cooking, with the bonus of a powerful source of antioxidants (including lycopene).  It is 99% fat free.  And I love the packaging, the easy to use, mess free squeeze tube ensures a longer lifespan once opened.

Why choose a product that is Certified Organic?  Because you’re not adding synthetic chemicals, pesticides or genetically modified ingredients to your body.   Because organic farmers treat the land with respect and ensure a sustainable future.  Because without chemical interference, foods grown organically offer only nutrients and pure, vibrant flavour!

Certified organic, gluten free, non GMO, 100% natural ingredients, no added salt, no added sugar.

And its yummy in my spaghetii bolognaise!!!


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