Fair-trade Organic Drinking Chocolate – 250gm

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100% Dominican Republic Cocoa
Gluten Free, No Artificial Colour, Flavours, Sweeteners or Preservatives
Australian Certified Organic
Created in Victoria.

Arkadia (Victorian business) is passionate about delivering the most cafe indulgent drinking chocolates.  Masterfully blended with a proven history, steeped in cafes; this ensures every decadent sip delivers premium cocoa and a truly indulgent cafe experience, in your own home.

The Perfect Serve:

Place 3-4 teaspoons (20gm) into a cup, Add 180ml warm milk, stir and serve.
Place 3-4 teaspoons (20gm) into a tall glass.  Dissolve chocolate with a little boiling water then cold milk and stir.  Finish with ice cream and/or cream.

Use your favourite milk or milk substitute
to enjoy the full cafe culture experience!

Approximate Serve Sizes:
1kg bag = $20.00 = 50 x 20gm serves
500gm bag = $11.50 = 25 x 20gm serves
250gm bag = $5.95 = 12.5 x 20gm serves

1 review for Fair-trade Organic Drinking Chocolate – 250gm

  1. Kat Tramoy (verified owner)

    Sublime! Can’t get over how yummy this is.

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