Organic Dark Chocolate BLUEBERRIES (vegan) – 125gm


I have found some Dark Chocolate Coated Blueberries (vegan), that are REAL dried blueberries.  The ones you can buy in the supermarket that are by Lindt aren’t actual blueberries, they are a flavoured jelly.
So once again, a bit like the Dark Chocolate Coated Goji Berries, I’m going to say they must be SUPER healthy.  After all Dark Chocolate is from a the cacao bean (natural), and the blueberry is full of healthy antioxidants, so it must be a healthy treat.  Okay, I’ll just keep telling myself this, you can be the sensible one!!!!!
So as I do with everything, I’m buying in bulk, and passing on the savings to you, and you can buy in small or larger amounts.



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