Golden Turmeric Elixir


Served in some of the finest cafes in Australia (and now being exported around the world), you can now enjoy your own Golden Turmeric Elixir at home.

The 750ml  litre bottle has 50 x 15ml serves,which equates to just .97c a serve.

Australian Made * Gluten Free * Raw Sugar * Dairy Free * Vegan * GMO Free * Caffeine Free

The Taste Experience

The first thing you notice about the Golden Turmeric Elixir is the colour, both in the bottle and in the cup.  It’s brilliant golden yellow hue is so vibrant that you almost can’t believe it is natural.  Not only is Curcumin 100% natural, it is the key to the goodness of turmeric and is the bioactive ingredient.

Your first sip delivers a pleasantly balanced earthy turmeric and ginger taste, with just a hint of cinnamon.  As you swirl it around in your mouth, the creamy vanilla and just the right amount of raw sugar transforms the rawness into a delight, and finally the warmth of black pepper comes through, leaving your mouth singing, fresh and clean.  Until your next sip, where it begins all over again.

Only a handful of ingredients go into the Golden Turmeric Elixir, no artificial colour or flavours.  Every ingredient contributes to the overall flavour, yet they are all functional and important contributors to the delicious medicine that is the Golden Turmeric Elixir.

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1L, 300ml


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